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How to tell if a girl likes you? Extremely unsure?

Ok first off thanks to anyone who is willing to read this. Anyway I'm an unexperienced highschooler when it comes to girls, but I really like a girl. I didn't have her number until hanging out with some mutual friends, she hit me up on facebook and told me to text her. I of course did, we were hanging out with mutual friends again we were alone for a few and she asked me who I like, I froze up. Luckily my friend butted in and she had to go, she told me to text her later. When texting her she again asked me who I like, eventually i gave in and told her I have a crush on her. She said "Cool!" And when I asked who she liked she said I was "Cute" and there was an out of town guy. Heres where it gets interesting ,since then we have been texting non stop, Today she was sick so I just told her I hope she gets better soon, because I didn't want to bother her. My friends and I usually go to the movies on Saturdays, should I ask her in person if she wants to go?

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    It may be early to tell, but if a girl calls you "cute" she either likes you is or is just really flirty. Ask her if she wants to go to the movies. Make sure it isn't her and a bunch of boys (unless she's sorta tomboy or is good friends with all those guys) Keep texting her and flirting. I really think she does like you because she kept texting even when you said you liked her. If she was really not interested she would have not texted as much or stopped texting you. If you get confident enough, ask her to go somewhere casual together, just you two.

    Good Luck!! :)

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    Whatever you do... TELL THE TRUTH!! And please don't let him dangling. Tell him the truth ASAP. Ofcourse he won't like it if he's in love with you, but it's WAAAAY worse if he thinks he still has a chance. "My plannn: Is to slowly drift away on summers.. and he'll get tired of me.. (...) Does that seem like a good idea?" No, that doesn't seem a good idea at all. First of all, he won't get tired of you UNTIL you tell him it's over. Secondly, you can't and shouldn't give him any false hope, so tell him the truth ASAP. Surely you don't want to let him think all summer he still has any chance? "He'd lock his door and hardcore cry in the corner.." That's completely normal. But he will get over it. If you give false hope for a while, the pain for him would be FAR greater when the truth finally comes out. And the truth will come out eventually - but you already knew that ofcourse. He will have a much harder time to get over it, if you prolong this uncertain situation. Such a sensitive guy needs the truth. Don't let him guessing - that's kinda cruel. If he's kind, he has the right to know the truth ASAP. He (and many other guys) needs it 'black on white'. If he's in love with you, there's very little chance you can stay 'only good friends' with him. You can leave it up to him (if you want to stay friends), but there's little chance he will stay close. I don't think YOU should say 'we could be just friends'. "Just" tell there's no love from your side. Then leave it up to him if he wants to be friends (if you want to stay friends ofcourse).

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    Keep it up what ever your doing. Flirt with her a little, just don't go to far or jump the gun. She'll come around eventually as long as you don't make it weird between you two. Yes you should ask her in person if she want to come with you guys.

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    Lucky to have a Girl like you Anthony and a Good familly ♥

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  • She definitely likes you, she probably won't want to go if she's feeling sick, and you should try to go on a date with her alone rather than with your friends.

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