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I noticed I have a hair line, that finishes at my upper back, like a horse mane, is that normal?

The hair is not very long, about 0.5 cm, but its dark and could be noticed. Im not a very hairy person so its pretty much the only hair I have on my upper body...

I have to admit im preoccupied a lot by how I look and I was wondering if such a line is making me ugly or not. In other words, im wondering if I should remove it or not. (im a girl with short hair)

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    Yes very normal especially in the Latin community. If it bothers you can wax it off or what I like to do is use a special "flamingo" razor. DO NOT SHAVE IT! Flamingo razor hair removal. It's great when you haven't plucked the center of your brow in a while the flamingo works perfect for this. I hope I helped

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