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Putting my cat down.?

I am seriously considering putting my cat down. Shes about 15 human years old. Over the past several years she has developed a very progressive stage of kidney disease, lost a ton of weight and became very "fragile" if that makes sense. She sits hunched over most of the time with a glazed over look in her eyes and cant keep her head up most of the time while she sleeps. She also stares at the ground for long periods of time for no reason.

Besides those things, she DOESN'T seem like she is in pain or ill, but I cant really tell.

Could someone please help me figure out if whether or not it's time to euthanize? I have an appointment to do it tomorrow morning and don't want to do the wrong thing.

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    You really need to discuss this with the vet.

    However, I strongly believe in quality of life. If you and the vet feel that she is not living a happy life and is in pain/uncomfortable/unhappy, then it might be her time.

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    I think you need more information, lab tests and a discussion of treatment options before you can really make an informed decision.

    What treatment is she receiving for her kidney disease? Medication? Sub-Q fluids? What are her lab numbers now?

    Sometimes cats with renal failure can look pretty bad, but with hydration and a change in medication, can perk up and do very well for quite a long time.

    This site has very complete and helpful information about renal failure in cats, including a discussion of making the decision to euthanize.

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    you know your cat, if you feel the cat is no longer getting good fullfillment out of life life. You can often tell with a cat the way the hold their heads and act. Ask yourself if you were the cat would you want to continue living like this. from what you have said if it were my cat i would have her euthanazed.

    I have had to make this decission on two occasions when my elderly cats were ill and couldnt be cured. I have never felt guilty about doing this as i know to have kept them alive would of ment them suffering.

    i may be a man but I kissed my cats goodbye just before the vet injected them, told them i loved them and said sorry. I dont care what the vet thought of me.

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    My cat got to this stage and I didn't put him down. The vet said he was basically hallucinating and that's why he acted that way (how you are describing). I would've put him down if he was in pain but he wasn't. I spent lots of time cuddling him for the last month of his life and sometimes he would look me in the eyes and I know he felt happy. I'm so happy I chose to keep him home until the end. One day, he could no longer stand and the blank look in his eyes was constant that day. He was in the process of actively dying. I had him put down that day but I know all I did was speed up something that would've happened within hours. Please don't, please spend the last precious moments with your kitty. 15 years with you, so please let the kitty stay with you where it's comfy.

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    First of all, I know it is a very difficult decision to make. I had to make that decision with my husband when my cat was in a stage of liver cancer that was too advanced to operate. It's so hard to tell if they are in pain. The vet's opinion was that it would be kinder to euthanise her rather than wait for her to die and we decided in the end that the vet was in a better position to judge.

    It's painful to make that decision though. You have my sympathies.

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    If she is hunched over, and has a glazed look in her eye.....she is in pain. I recently had my cat put down for kidney issues @ the age of 15yrs. So I feel for you. but you have to do what is best for the cat (Not yourself)

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    Take her to the vet and let him put her down. From what you are describing the disease may have spread to her liver. It's hard but it's time to tell her goodbye. You don't have to be in the room while they do it but you can be if you want.

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