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This was an awkwerd thing and now i dont know what to do. HELP!!!!?

So today i went outside to wait on my dad to pick me up when school was over my ex we staring at me but i was trying to text my mom and find out where my dad was. Well one of my friends came up to me and was covering my phone and trying to smack me and every thing she could think to do to annoy me. Well one of my friends friend was standing behind me and i constatly catch him staring at me in class too might i add. I kept telling her to stop and she wouldnt well then he got REALLY REALLY REALLY mad and deffensive of me. Does he like me hes been flirting with me since last year. Does he like me

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    8 years ago

    Does it matter? He liked you once, but then you broke up. He's your ex now. Remember why it didn't work for you in the first place instead of wondering "what if..." about now.

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