Why does my brain work like this?

since i was 12 i noticed i was different than other people. i was never as smart as them, i didnt understand a joke, it took me a really long time to learn things. now im 22 and a mother. and im still this way. i was dignosed with a learning disability when i was 13 and now that im around friends and family im really the dumb one their talking about politics, football, new eletronics etc. and some how some way my brain feels like it locks up and i cant remember what i was going to say or if i do say something they tell me i dont make scence! what is wrong with my brain why does it work like this i want to be smarter and wiser i want to be able to tell my daughter things but just by a couple of days i forget about stuff... whats going on plz help

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  • 8 years ago
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    There's nothing wrong with your brain (: Is your learning disability still significant? Anyway,

    That is what a learning disability is. It challenges you. Yes, it makes you different, but there is absolutely nothing with you. I work and learn with people with learning disabilities every day, there are far more worse situations than yours. A child i observed had similar situations like you. We are working on his speech patterns and structure, social interactions, and understanding what words mean. Besides, if they are your friends and family, they would support you and make you feel like you were intellectually safe. Bottom line is though, that there's nothing wrong! (:

  • syed
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    8 years ago

    Only remedy is to do some brain exercise everyday. Like you count 1 2 3 ......50 and then count it reverse like 50 49 48 47..........1 and so on. Practice it for one week. Every 2 days increase 25 numbers. And practice it 45 minutes every morning.

    Next practice for 2nd week is A for apple, B for boy, C for cat, D for dog, E for elephant and then read reverse E for eagle, D for donkey, C for. Cow, B for bat, A for animal and so on. Practice and remeber. W atch how it works. I hope you improve.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

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  • Justme
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    8 years ago

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