All I am trying to do is be a good friend!!! Help please!!?

My 15 year old friend is talking to men that are in their early/late 20's & 30's online and planning to meet up with them. She is a complete idiot,so gullible. I have tried everything I can think of,all the tactics,blocking people,deleting people,videos,stranger danger leaflets,warning her...EVERYTHING!! She still will not listen,and continues posting flirtatious,bragging messages to them,flaunting the fact that she is a virgin and that she is turning 16 soon...*legal*

She says the guys online are "THE BEST FRIENDS EVER!!" and that shedoesn'tt need any of us,how we are all pathetic! She goes to these clubs,where the security is appauling!! Clubs where she snogs strangers and gives her number to ANYONE. She even started dry humping a guy at a night club..WTF she is 15 FOR CHRISTS SAKE!!! I hate her,so much. She says "I'm trying to getpracticee for whenHavee a boyfriend,more snogs & sex I have the better I will be!" She obviously hasn't heard of a decent guy.. the only importance in her mind is getting a boyfriend. WHAT IS THE WORLDCOMINGG TO. So I feel like just dropping her as friend,because she is pathetic,there are good guys out there...

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  • 8 years ago
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    WOW yeah a good friend would try to stop her like u are doing good.

    tell her that if she wants to get married one day her husband would want her to be a virgin and that would be gone if she acts like this. If you care enough for her try getting some professional help.

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  • 8 years ago

    Wow. Your friend needs help. I won't preach to you, but if you can get her into a youth group at church, with a bunch of other girls her age, perhaps she'll listen to them. That is a long term solution though, and not something immediate. So, I offer the following....

    TELL HER PARENTS. Sure, it may cost you a friendship, but the alternative options may not end up with desired results, heaven forbid she get taken advantage of or hurt, or worse.

    If that doesn't work out, perhaps you could "scare" her with a college aged friend whom you can trust. I know that's kinda extreme, but sometimes extreme is where you have to go to get results.

    I'll pray for her to see and come to understand what she is doing is wrong.

    Whatever you do, don't wait. Have courage, and act.

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    8 years ago

    You have shared all the red flags with her. It doesn't sound like she is interested in what you have to say but content in meeting up with these older guys. Tell her parent. Show her parent some of what she is writing online. Be anonymous if you wish, but she is setting herself up for a world of hurt. You would not be writing if you did not care about her. Whether it is lack of self esteem, lonliness, or sexual promiscuity, all of her behavior could lead to a dangerous result.

    Laura - Crisis Counselor

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