Am I a wannabe because i care what other people think?

To be honest I think every teenage girl has at least a little wannabe in her. Its impossible not to care what other people think of you when people are rubbing it in your face at this age. Im a sophomore in high school and I wouldn't say im a wannabe. I have lots of friends and if I may say so; im pretty popular I guess. Or at least im normal. Anyways; I DO care about what other people think but not as much as I used to in say middle school. My confidence boosted a lot actually since middle school. I now volunteer first for presentations ( 90% of the time) and I can be pretty loud with my friends. Im however quiet with other people besides my friends. I do care what people think of me but I would never go so far as to kiss up to people or let them boss me around. I actually hare kissing up because it lowers my pride and I don't like people who boss me around and if they do I boss them around back. I do however get jealous easily and I don't sacrifice my needs for someone else's just to be "cool". My aunt however ( who I talk to all the time about school and stuff. She lives with us) says im awannabe and insecure. She always says " look at your friend. Does SHE care about what other people think?" She ALWAYS says that. She also says " you're pretty much perfect. The only reason people wont like you is because you're insecure." I feel inferior when she says that. I know shes just being honest so I try not to ask her for advice but shes really the only one I can turn to. Most of the time my parents are at work so I cant really ask them. I feel like a I a wannabe? Pls be honest but don't be mean..please...

2 Answers

  • 8 years ago

    Wannabes are people that WANT to be part of a crowd that they are not apart of and never will be. You just sound a little insecure about yourself. Just stop trying so hard and be yourself. BEST ADVICE YOU'LL EVER GET... Just saying.

  • 8 years ago

    I think you are retarded but I think you will hopefully grow and not be retarded anymore.

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