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How long after partial removal of the toenail surgery can I return to gymnastics?

I have severe ingrown toenails and have to get surgery for them soon. I am also a gymnast, and my season starts a week from today! I am wondering how long I have to wait after the surgery before I can return to practice?

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    I too, had ingrown toenails, and I am in Taekwondo, which also requires a lot of physical activity, like gymnastics. After I had my procedure done, I was back to TKD in 3 days, but it didn't feel the same until about 2 weeks.

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    Years in the past I had a toenail (on my enormous toe) bumped off because it back and back grew to change into ingrown and contaminated. It change into certainly a painless technique, besides the actual undeniable actuality that no longer the most thrilling to visual reveal unit. The technique did change into painful after the anesthetics wore off some hours later. I remember some Percoset pills were prescribed to ease the soreness. Having a toenail bumped off exposes a large component to epidermis that has never been uncovered to oxygen and drying air. it really is delicate for a week+ following the technique. That suggested, you'd be able to stroll quickly afterword, yet be careful contained in the first day to save it propped up or that's going to bleed as there is diverse gravity stress effecting blood flow for your feet once you stand (imagine of swollen feet on the precise of the day.) Take some severe interest to the beauty area of this technique. you'll spend something else of your life with a toe that does no longer have a nail. in a lot of circumstances this will change into something you're literally not excited to reveal in public in case you want to be barefooted or positioned on sandals. evaluate the different option earlier the technique that would alleviate the reason for your toenail's eliminating. Toenails ought to purely be completely bumped off as a very last motel.

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