HOW change yahoo account language?

I have an yahoo account with but I want to change the language from german to English. or change the account to

Is it possible? because it's so hard for me to work with this account...

please help me to solve this problem.

Thank you

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  • Bob
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    8 years ago
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    In order to adjust the country or language settings in your Yahoo! Mail account, follow the steps below:

    In the upper left corner, click your name.

    Click Account Info. Note: you may be asked to re-enter your password.

    Under Account Settings, click Set language and time zone.

    Select your preferred language in the pull-down menu next Language preferences.

    Click on the right arrow button. Your preferred language should now appear in the column on the right under "Your Languages." Note that you can select up to three languages, the top language on the list will be your default language. If it happens that a Yahoo! Mail page is not available in your first choice language, another preferred language will display if it is available.

    Click Save.

    Source(s): How to change the country or language settings in your Yahoo! Mail account
  • curcio
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    4 years ago

    I too am going throughout a similar obstacle. i have were given switched over the "community website and language" to Yahoo U.S. in English and "Timezone" to distinct time-strains too no matter if all is in ineffective. one determination is to make use of Google chrome and use translate to English. yet it isn't an answer, is it? i have were given despatched a request to 'reset the mail' through actuality it replaced into as right away as decrease back few days to yahoo employing "contact us" in Yahoo Mail help. i'm in spite of the undeniable undeniable actuality that gazing for the flow to be taken.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Country domains aren't interchangeable, if you want a .com account, you need to get a brand new account with the American branch of Yahoo, sorry.

  • 4 years ago


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