Why does he keep saying this to me?

My guy friend asked me to hang out, but i didnt the first time cuz i had plans with my friends, second time i got sick and he said he was guna walk wouldnt miss it for the world,anticipation makes it stronger etc. Third time he canceled cuz he and his brother had to pick up his grandma. Now we stopped asking each other but he always says how weekends go soo slow for him and that he hates that, he has said this like three times.. I guess what im asking is - is he signalin to me that he wants to hang out again, because he always asks how my weekend was and then i tell him and he says 'thats all?' like he's waiting to hear more from me or someting.. He is so sweet and always asks me first and reallly wants to know how my weekend is going like he really goes in depth. Does he want to hang out?

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  • 8 years ago
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    you should ask him that is if u like him because it is obvious that u care for him yet doesn't come off to strong

    Source(s): Brian (relationship counselor)
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