Me and my boyfriend dated 4yrs ago reunited been dating 1yr..his son mom didn't like me then or now..?

His son mom called me and told me that they were together and have a son together and that I should breakup with him. We talked and I said didn't know all this and in fact I did. Well years later me and him reunited and he asked me back out and apologized and said they were not dating. So now we been dating over a year and its been cool so far...up until he text me saying to change my FB name and lock my public pics. He said she seen a text that I sent to him and said I know u not back with that *****. Then she threaten to call his job and tell them that he has been calling me and her during work time so he can get fired....and she's not going to let him see his son anymore.. So I changed everything. Then the following day he tells me that she know me by my nickname not my full name(that's what's stored in his cell) and know me by face. So he said oh that's just my coworker. I said why you say that he said because I keep telling you she crazy and don't want her to bother you. I don't know if I should believe him or not. I mean his son knows me by my nickname... So she could have simply questioned her son. My pic is on his not sure to believe him or not...or are they still kicking it? Help ;)

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  • 8 years ago
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    i would believe him

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