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Should I tell her I like her even though she has a boyfriend?? Please help me!?

We are both 17 and I have liked her for about a year now. We knew each other before that but didn't become really good friends until last year. She always smiles and laughs when we are together and she comes up to me at school to talk to me. But for some reason I always have to text her first. Anyways, at school registration a few weeks ago she shouted my name across the auditorium to say hi to me. And last week at a school football game when I was walking past the student section she yelled my name 5 times to say hi. Also during one of my baseball games this year Im pretty sure she yelled out I love you Daniel; it sounded like her voice. But she is dating this guy on the football team, and I've liked her for so long I just want to tell her how I feel so I can move on. She's flirted with me basically ever since I met her and I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm good looking. She always seems like she likes me when we are together in person, but she gives off bad signals when we text each other, so I'm really confused. I just need to let her know, but I'm afraid to make things awkward between us. I'm planning on just saying "I have a crush on you. I have for a year. And I realize you probably don't feel the same way about me, which is why I have to move on. But before I do, I just need to ask you if the thought of you and me being more than friends has ever crossed your mind. Because it crosses mine all the time." of course I'll wait until we are alone. Should i tell her I like her? And if I should, when and how should I say it? Thank you so much for your help

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