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Ideas for an animal welfare themed tattoo?

I love animals and I'm devoting my life to working with them. I'm studying humane animal training and I plan to own a business that centers around dogs and cats, but I also have deep ethical consideration for a wide range of other animal species.

For example, I have officially sworn off buying pork, poultry, and eggs from the regular grocery store. I only get my meat from local, small scale farmers or from the Certified Humane program. I'm pretty passionate about not supporting factory farming as I buy $6 a dozen eggs in an area where 18 eggs costs $2 for most people.

Anyways, because of my passion for animals I want to do an animal welfare type piece. I want it to be sort of in this style:

The artist is Carlos Ransom at Abraxas Tattoo in Lawrence, KS. He kicks ***. The piece here is a werewolf sleeve with "fog wolves". I really like to coloration but I don't know if I should go with it or not.

I want to include two of my dogs, a chihuahua and a black lab mix. It's supposed to be thigh piece, and I want it to be fairly large, but two animals isn't gonna cut it. I know I want to include a cat, but I am kind of stumped on other animals because I love everything.

I am hoping that that tattoo captures the idea of being kind to animals, so I want it to include something that makes that message loud and clear without a text that says "I like animals, hurr durr". I don't really know what to include to make this message clear. I could put a clicker because I am a clicker trainer, but I'm worried it be lame. I could also do the fog animals coming out of something that clearly symbolizes my theme, but I'm worried that it would also be lame.

Ideas? Animals to include? Fog idea or no?

It'll be a while before I can go do this, so no "Please go talk to your artist". I would like help concreting my ideas to give him to work with.

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    you should get a tat of a dog maybe think of what is your fav type of breed like a labadoodle or something like that.

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    If you really love animals so much, you would stop thinking about yourself, what you eat, what tatoo you're getting and actually DO something to help animals - as in volunteer at a shelter, foster a dog or cat --- get it?

    It's about the animal, not about you. Grow up.

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    -- tiger toast springs to mind... (tiger toast is is toast/savory biscuits with vegemite/promite/peanut butter spread on and then thin strips of cheese placed over the top to create 'tiger stripes'.) -- animal crackers -- green or blue jelly can be made with chocolate frogs or jelly dinosaurs/frogs inside and then can be a 'pond' or a 'swamp' good luck with the party!

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    you can find a free download of miami tattos here

    Good Bye

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    You need someone to pork your ***.

  • You need Jesus.

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