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Halloween Costume Urgent Help!?

So for halloween I'm doing the "Unzipped Zipper" style makeup. I'm doing it on my eyes instead, so one eye unzipped and the other zipped. If you don't know what I mean by it, this is the look I am going for, although I am brunette...;_ylt...

Anyway, I don't need any help with the makeup itself as I have done it before but...I need help with my costume. I have absolutely no idea what costume to wear with it, I am still 15 years old so I don't want to be wearing any of those slutty dresses that aren't even scary, just pure slutty. I also don't want a cheesy halloween costume. I was considering wearing my black peplum skirt with a pair of black heels as the style for my makeup is scary, but the way the girl in the link (above) has done her makeup is quite pretty so I don't want my costume to be awfully scary. I am going to do some fake cuts over my legs and things but the costume itself is so confusing! What would you suggest?

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    Hmmm. That's a tough one. The zipper face look is awesome (I've considered doing it) and that eye one is great, but I've only ever seen faces - no full costumes.

    It makes her seem... sad. You could do any color, but I think I'd go with black and red. A leather jacket with lots of zippers would probably go really well.

    Try to think of a story to go along with why the zippers are on your face and you're all cut up. An industrial sewing accident maybe? You could add (safety) pins to your clothes, wear a tape measure as a scarf/necklace or around your waist, wear one of those pin cushion wrist things...

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    a million. be a princess have been a dress and a tiara ( non-obligatory ) 2. bum grimy outfits hair tousled 3. be a swimmer placed on a a million %. bathjing fit a cap and goggles 4. sea coast bum 2 piece bathing fit suntan lotion towel 5. witch a black dress ingredient and a hat pass to a haloween keep and seem for theory's yet you additionally could make the dress @ abode.!. sturdy luck

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