Hi. Some one know what city in Finland called like "Candy City / Town". So which one could it be?

Hello, dear yahoo users. I was in Finland few days ago and met very cute girl. We had good conversation and time together. I was idiot, that I didnt asked her facebook account or skype... So I cant contact or find her right now. All that I know shes name is Annika, she is originally from sort of "Candy City", she is 22 y.o., played basketball for years before and some other facts. Also I know she is an erasmus student and was to St.Petersburg about a week ago and at this time study near Helsinki. I know it is very hard to find people in Finland, because of law and so on... But still I want make a shot because she is interesting, honest person and girl cute as heaven!! Please, help me find out what is name of that "Candy Town" in Finland to help my search to go on. Mayb than I have enough details to some how contact her. Thank you very much. .Michael.

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    8 years ago
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    Source(s): I'm a Finn.
  • 4 years ago

    hi Nora,may well be,yet there are lot of places with comparable call and comparable spelling,Like,I stay i Netherlands and you u . s . additionally city called Netherlands,In Neath elands we've misplaced of cities which you're i u . s . additionally,In India the city Delhi is two cities with comparable spelling.Srinagar city One is in Kashmir and one is in Utranchel in India,so like that if u . s . is there are not getting shocked.

  • 8 years ago

    Karkkila it is indeed.

    Source(s): Another genuine Finn
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