Atheists, if critical thinking is not required for Atheism, what is required?

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    Atheism is the lack of belief in a deity(ies)

    Atheism is not prescriptive, nothing is required.

    Atheism is not a position on religion, religious people, science, economics, politics or arts

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    There are no requirements. It's not a club you have to join like a church. You don't have to give 10% of everything you make to some guy with a basket walking down the aisle so the pastor can buy a gold watch. Atheism is a definition, not a religion. Anyone who does not believe in the existence of any deities is by definition an atheist.

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    The word atheist means someone who does not believe in any God, there is no requirement for anything else, not even for one to be atheist because of critical thinking, one might for example merely belong to an atheistic religion (Like Theravada Buddhist which does not include a deity) because that was what one's parents believed and never actually question the reasons behind it.

  • Fulfilling the terms of one of the definitions of 'atheist'. The broadest definition is 'person who does not believe in a god'. Which kind of rules out rocks and trees from being atheists. (a dumb little idea I've seen put forth.).

    By the way, failure to fulfill definition is why I don't believe in 'God'. You see, the believers in 'God' (the only people who we can turn to for a definition) insist on saying he's an 'omnipotent entity who loves us'. Thing is, if he loved us and was all powerful, we'd be pretty damn happy.

    Critical thinking is not REQUIRED to be an atheist but refusing to think critically (about certain things) IS required for theism.

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    Critical Thinking.

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    you're suitable. that's extremely difficult that the two aspects look incapable of allowing an opinion. even however, as to faith it relies upon on what faith you're speaking approximately. Protestantism most of the cases does use the severe technique while scrutinising the scriptures and its contents -- and while coming up new doctrines or evolving the older ones. they have found out lots by thinking the Bible and observing the unique text cloth. They expressly allowed the thinking of even the main elementary data and amassed a hell of diverse awareness -- astoundingly without dropping their faith over it. i won't talk for the Catholic creed or Islam, besides the fact that I relatively have the sensation that they are far much less severe of their scientific methods. and that i do locate the atheist stance much less open: They shrink themselves to platitudes which includes "If there relatively is a God why does he enable..." (observed by no-count-what disaster). They forget approximately approximately close to-dying stories by clinically ineffective (and later re-surrected) sufferers, and comments proper to the single or different queer situation that may not be in a position to be defined completely by technology. they simply pull down the colors and not look outdoors. so they the two do not enable for an opinion and for the selection of knowledge that could disprove their stance. A double adverse, with a view to declare.

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    Who said critical thinking isn't required? It may not be strictly necessary to be an atheist but it helps. It's all a matter of looking at the evidence and attempting to arrive at a reasonable conclusion.

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    Lack of belief in god.

    Atheism isn't a belief system, so stop treating it like one.

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    if anything, religion requires no critical thinking.

    because it just makes you a follower, a sheep

    it turns people into sheeple

  • A lack of belief in gods.

    Source(s): My god, are we going to argue basic definitions now? Oh noes, I said "my god". Does that mean language is my god? Does theism make people stupid, or does it happen to attract stupid people?
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