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I hate my boyfriend family?

I have been with my boyfriend for 10 years now and I just hate his family. The thing is, we are just different. I have two university degrees and I work in a lab. I am honest, spontaneous, and I treasure families ties. They have no education. His mother was a cleaner, his sister does nails at home...nothing wrong with it, but I come from a family who regards education as very important, so we are different and we dont share a common vision of life. Also I have the impression they have always hated me. His father doesnt even sit down in the table to have dinner with us when me and my boyfriend go to their house for a few days...he eats in front of the tv...I think it is very rude.His mum is continously talking bad about all other members of the family including her own niece, her husband, her brother and so on. She is mean and cold and I dont have any connection with her, I have tried many times to talk to her but she is so distant and cold and she always tries to outline negative things about me....his sister is hideous, when we are together she is all smiling in front of my boyfriend but when we are alone she doesnt even talk to me and pretends I am not there even if I try to start a coversation. I have the impression they truly hate me. I am from Italy and they are English and I think they dont like the fact I am not English :( I fell sad when I am with them. His mother is such a mediocre and superficial and cold and horrible person...she has got two nieces, who are his sisters daughters, but she only likes one of them so she is always saying nice things about her and horrible things about the other one, who is only 13....I think a granmother shouldnt do that, it is sad. Ah example of the situation is this: me, my boyfriend Phil, his mum and her favourite niece go to the movie. They dont talk to me, they keep whispering in each other ear and ignoring me completely. I try to be friendly and I say "what movie shall we watch? maybe we should watch this as it is a girl movie, wow girls rules!!! Phil has to put up with it" and I laugh joking...his mum and his niece look at each other almost vomiting and then they say very coldly and all serious "we should watch a movie that also Phil likes"......I mean, I was just triyng to be friendly...I feel so unhappy

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    ok only go over there on holidays-- and let him go home by him self- -you should not care about his family if they dont care about u-- and if you do go there just ignore them -- if they dont try 2 get along with u dont bother with them -------- and you and your man be happy--

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    8 years ago

    Tragic. What is your question?

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