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The guy i like asked for my number, but i didint end up giving it to him?

Ive been talking to this guy lately, and ive really grown to like him. He sat beside me today in class, and he was being really sweet. We were laughing and stuff, and then this person who sits in front of me asked me a question. While i was in the middle of answering a question someone else asked me, the guy i like is like so whats your number?. And i wasent paying attention, since i was talking to someone I said hold on a sec. and continued talking to the other person. i never ended up giving it to him. i couldve given him my number, but i was worried he was just kidding, and honestly didint want my number, Since guys dont normally ask me for attention. But what if he actually wanted it? ugh, i dont know. Im so mad at myself. Do you think he likes me, and thats why he asked for my number? or am i just getting ahead of myself?

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    After talking to that guy you should have been a little jokey about it with a smile

    "you wanted my number then eh?!"

    if he said yes then you should have simply given it to him, he may have been a little nervous and might have came across as not too serious about wanting your number incase you might think something of it. If a guy wants your number he wants your number! :)

    Do a favour for me tommorrow and give him your number!

    The countless amount of times I have blown it for my self for not being upfront and confident enough, still kicking myself, just go for it! :)

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    Why don' you find out? Hand him your number the next time you see him and say: Sorry, I forgot last time, the other person distracted me." Perhaps he really wanted the number but now he thinks you don't want to give him and won't ask again.

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    He either asked it so you guys can tlk more or probably he started liking you, who knows. Just find out. Tell him, "heres my number, i forgot to give it to you last time"

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    Just say here is my number or he may ask again.

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