Indian Women: Please help - Sex without commitment?

Well, I am a very smart looking lad... I don't want to lie nor do I prefer to do so... So I don't want to make girl friends for sex and lying to them.. But I want sex without commitment... I don't want to go to the prostitutes as I am scared of getting positive... I have a full respect for those girls who shall be my companion in this voyage or those who share the same perception... Because, if they are called "Sluts" then I am as well.. So in a nut shell, I want sex without commitment without lying.. Can I expect to such happen in India when I am ready to confess to a girl that I have no emotional strings but all I want is sex... Please advise.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Expect to such thing happening in India...

    Good luck!

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  • nivens
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    4 years ago

    nicely honestly it kinda relies upon on the guy, or in ur case, females herself. kinda like u, im punjabi, yet ive by no skill been interested in a different punjabi in my life and extremely virtually not often n indian. before everything, in the previous u hardship approximately looking the splendid caucasian woman, u gta get urself available n get used to ladies. you sound like a very great guy various females might kill for, caucasian or not. so definite, attempt chatting with a woman. possibly one from artwork or college or maybe spectacular a communique with a waitress. ultimately ull discover its not plenty different than chatting with a guy, in basic terms of direction a touch extra conservative. as quickly as ur comfortable chatting with a woman as a pal, then seek for the splendid woman for u. im particular not all caucasian females are one hundred% against indian adult males, and as long as u merely act comfortable in front of her n turn ur charm on, ull discover ur way. goodluck.

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