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Objects to show the meaning of Sangfroid?

I'm doing a hero speech, and we need to bring in objects to describe the attributes of our hero, and one of mine is Sangfroid, any Ideas on what I could use?

I have an ant for strong, because ants can carry like 10 times their body weight. And I have a camillion go adaptable, because they can change their colors and fit in.

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    A Tortoise ?! Remember the fable about the hare & the tortoise .... the latter went about his business coolly, steadily, with composure.

    A Cucumber - "cool as a cucumber"

    Some celeb who overcame a major illness eg. cancer, AIDS, Parkinson's, etc. You could take their picture Or an awareness ribbon for that ailment. eg. pink ribbon for cancer & so on.

    How about a soldier during war - bleeding & hurt, but performing his duty till the last breath ?

    Some images that were thrown up for sangfroid :

    Hope these help

    All the very best :-)

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