is there sperm in precum if he didnt *** before?

ok so me and my boy friend had sex for the first time yestarday. NOTE: i have no clue where i am in my cycle, probably bout to get on my period. anyways so he stuck it in and tried a little, but then after that he checked to see if there was any precum. i dont think there was any, but i really dont know. maybe it was already released then it looked like there wasnt any in his penis. but after that he put on a condom, but i still made him pull out just to be safe. is there any chance of me being pregnant?

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    Absolutely you could be pregnant! Yes, there's always sperm in pre-***. Also, younger men get more excited by sex, so they leak a little sperm all the time. You must always, always use a condom all the way through.

    If this just happened, get Plan B and take it immediately. It works if it's been less than 72 hours. Otherwise, wait for your period.

    Please, listen, if he cares, he will use a condom. If he doesn't use a condom, then a minute of his pleasure is more important to him than the next 18 years of your life.

    Tell him, "No glove, no love" and mean it.

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