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What to get them for Christmas?

I have two nieces and a nephew. I really like to get them unique gifts for Christmas, but this year, I'm stuck. They have everything.

1st niece, 7-years-old: Loves Monster High, but has all the dolls, and I want to get her something more meaningful (and fun). She began cheerleading this year. Last year, I got her a guitar.

2nd niece, 4-years-old: Loves Hello Kitty, Dora, and zombies. She likes to be like her big sister, too. Last year, I got her a keyboard.

Nephew, 1 1/2: He's still pretty young, so there's nothing specific that he really likes. He has a cozy coupe, and lots of ride-ons, so I don't want to get him another one.

What are some ideas for some unique gifts? Thanks!

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    I know this might not help a ton but for your first niece maybe you could get her a cheer bow, you can get them custom made and you can pick the colors, fabric, and you could put her name on it if you want!! I don't have any other ideas, but good luck!!

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