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How do I get this guy to like me/ win him over?

Hey guys, so I really like this guy.. And so does this other girl... But I think she's just friend zoned because they talk but if he liked her he would've made a move on her by now and they have been talking for a while.. So anyways I really like him but it's hard being in competition with another girl.. I hope he likes me.. Today he hugged me twice and after school we were sitting on the bench together and his legs and thighs kept touching mine and we were pretty close to each other! And also when I was standing up he kept looking over at me.. Anyways we r just now starting to get to know each other and I really want a chance w him.. So my question is with being in competition with another girl.. How do I win him over? I really want a chance w him

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    Here is the guide of how to do so...

    The key here is to make him like you more via making relationship closer and closer, depending on the type of person you are going out with!

    Good luck!

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