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Prokaryotic cells have a simpler structure than eukaryotic cells. Evidence shows that eukaryotic cells evolved?

from prokaryotic cells. Some might argue that prokaryotic cells are less important than eukaryotic cells. But a case can be made that prokaryotic cells are just as important to life on Earth today as eukaryotic cells. Which do you think is true? Are prokaryotic cells important to life on Earth? Analyze the similarities and differences of these cell types to explain your position. List at least three reasons that support your answer

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    > Are prokaryotic cells important to life on Earth?


    1. There are more prokaryotic cells in the biosphere than there are eukaryotic cells, so duh.

    2. A significant fraction of the Earth's oxygen is produced by cyanobacteria (prokaryotes). Without the oxygen produced by these fellows, no one could visit mountain ski resorts. Heck, Denver would be uninhabitable.

    Also note that cyanobacteria are major producers in the ocean. Without them there would probably be much less seafood.

    3. Most nitrogen fixation is accomplished by prokaryotes. Without them fixin' nitrogen, why, there wouldn't be much other life.

    4. In almost all environments, prokaryotes are the most prevalent decomposers. Without their activity, recycling of matter from dead organisms would take a lot longer.

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