A 63.6 kg canoeist stands in the middle of her canoe.?

The canoe is 3.1 m long, and the end that is closest to land is 2.5 m from the shore. The canoeist now walks toward the shore until she comes to the end of the canoe. Suppose the canoeist is 3.4 m from shore when she reaches the end of her canoe. What is the canoe's mass?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Distance canoeist walks relative to canoe = (3.1/2) = 1.55 metres.

    Distance canoe moves from shore = (3.4 - 2.5) = 0.9 metres.

    Mass of canoe = (63.6 x 1.55)/0.9, = 109.53kg.

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