This is really really wierd! please answer!?

Ok, so i am 5.4, and i am 103lb, and i am 15 years old! i am skinny, i have a hourglass body shape, but i have a stomach, what it weird about it, is on the upper part of my stomach i sorta have a 4 pack, its like right below my chest, and it ends right in the middle of my stommach, and below that its fat! so i was wondering why is that? and what to do so i can have a flat stomach???? i do bout 40-50 pushups every day, and i have been doing that for a year, and also i have been running since sept. every morning! and, i am a girl! :) thnx!

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  • 8 years ago
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    before and after your runs do sit ups and crunches (2 different work outs that work 2 different sections of your abs) dont eat midnight snacks before bed. push ups work out the chest and will make your boobs smaller (idk if that matters to you or not) push ups also dont do toooo much for the stomach but blanks do. what you need to do is look up different workouts on google or youtube that will give you the results you want in the areas you feel need work. ps im sure your hot dont stress so much but keep up the hard work if it doesnt pay off yet itll pay off in college. in college girls who work out are the hot ones.

    Source(s): drinking will give you that beer belly too
  • B
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    8 years ago

    push ups don't really help if you want a flat stomach. you need to do a lot of cardio (running for example) each day. the main thing to get a flat stomach is to do SIT UPS. do at least 100 each day, and it'll help you a lot.

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    4 years ago

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