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This is really really wierd! please answer!?

Ok, so i am 5.4, and i am 103lb, and i am 15 years old! i am skinny, i have a hourglass body shape, but i have a stomach, what it weird about it, is on the upper part of my stomach i sorta have a 4 pack, its like right below my chest, and it ends right in the middle of my stommach, and below that its fat! so i was wondering why is that? and what to do so i can have a flat stomach???? i do bout 40-50 pushups every day, and i have been doing that for a year, and also i have been running since sept. every morning! and, i am a girl! :) thnx!

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    Dont do push ups. They wont help. Do pull ups instead:

    Lie flat on your back. Raise your upper body from horizontal to vertical without bending your legs; touch your toes. Back down again (body flat). Repeat 25-50 times. That will tighten your abs.

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