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what would garlic do to cats if injested?

i gave my kittens garlic powder in the food

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    Onions contain disulphides (or thiosulphate) that destroys red blood cells in the cat, causing a form of anaemia called Heinz body anaemia. Garlic contains a similar substance in a lesser amount and fortunately for your kittens much larger quantities would be needed to cause illness. Whilst garlic might be considered good for human health it is toxic to cats, so please don't add it to any more of their food otherwise you're going to end up making them very ill.

  • 8 years ago

    Garlic and onions can give a fatal blood disease to a cat. But the danger is worse for onions, as a cat will rarely eat food that has enough garlic in it to be fatal.

    But you bought a food for your kitten, so why did you think you know more then the company that prepared the food?

    Stop adding things to your kitten's food. Especially things that you eat.

  • 8 years ago

    Garlic powder and garlic itself, is poisonous to cats and dogs! Keep a close eye on them and make sure they are not becoming lethargic or vomiting! Get them to the vet if you have such problems ....ALSO


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