Best book or website to analyze the messages & visual motifs of movies & tv shows?

I'm a film major & I'm taking some cinema studies courses & learning how to interpret the visual motifs, themes/messages & backround/context of films & shows. We've analyzed Rocky, a Dark Knight, On the waterfront, the first dawn of the dead & others. Is their a good website or book that will provide information to help me do this on films especially the ones I grew up watching in the 80's & 90's like Conan the barbarian, Predator, the first star trek films, & the tv show Buffy the Vampire Slayer??


One of the classes I'm taking is also a film language course so I have a basic knowledge of cinematography ie the difference between a birds eye view & a crane shot & what a dolly forward or vertigo shot is est.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Usenet is sadly long dead. Tmblr killed livejournal or I'd tell you to look there. Nobody on tumblr has ever had anything worthwhile to say. Try the Internet Movie Database message broads and the Television Without Pity forums.

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    Before you can analyze a film you must know the language of film. This has been changing ever since movies were first made. The "Language" of file requires and understand of of editing, pacing, photographic composition, and how it relates to the current emotional impact of the audience.

    More simply, how you "cut" pictures together, and the camera angles used do affect people emotionally, and understanding the language and how it relates to a culture is analyzing it. For example, if were to go back in time and shoot and edit a film using today's editing and camera angles, it would not be understood by the audience - it would be a series of related but poorly sequenced crap. Likewise, if you made a film using only the conventions used in 1910, it would be boring crap. There also many books written about this subject. I suggest you start with a couple of Russian filmmakers named Sergei Eisenstein, and Vsevolod Pudovkin. Eisenstein felt of was the camera composition that made the biggest difference while Pudovkin said it was editing. My opinion is that it is both. A cinematography has to know enough about editing to enable him or her to suggest to the director what will work best. Actually, the director should know that, as well.

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    TV Tropes is a good resource. (not just TV- this covers film, literature, comics etc.)

    Here is the page for Predator:

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