How do you get your older brother to stop being a prick?

He's always telling me how worthless I am and how fat and ugly I am. He calls my little brothers fat and retarded and he doesn't understand how horrible he is. He's very threatening and sometimes physical and I hate him so much but worry about his future. I believe wholeheartedly in Karma and as much as I want him to get his due, I think that something really bad will happen to him. How do I get him to realize what an *** he's being?

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    8 years ago
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    We cannot control another person. The only person we have any influence over is ourselves.

    According to the laws of karma, if your older brother is picking on his little brother, two things are happening:

    1. Your older brother is acquiring karmas for being picked on himself, at some time in the future.

    2. Your little brother is learning spiritual lessons about how it feels being picked on .. he is using up negative karmas from the times in previous lives when he was picking on others.

    If he wants, your little brother can grow spiritually from this experience.

    Do YOU realize that your desire for your older brother to "get his due" is actually creating more negative karma for yourself?

    Karma means "imprint". Every thought, word, feeling and action that you have sets imprints within yourself. And this is what karma is. So by wishing ill to befall your brother, you are creating imprints of hatred and revenge in your heart. This is very negative karma to be creating .. it will draw those who wish YOU badly.

    Instead, you should be looking at your older brother clearly, and seeing his pain and suffering. Happy people are NOT mean people. Therefore your brother is hurting badly, and is trying to throw off his pain by putting it onto others. Instead of hating him for this, you need to learn to find compassion in your heart. Compassion for the abused little brother but also compassion for the abusive older brothers.

    We are all in the same boat .. unhappy and trying to figure out how to be happy. And using the wrong "techniques" for becoming happy. Techniques such as being cruel. Techniques such as wanting someone to "get their due". In truth, although we use these to try to feel less unhappy ... they don't work, and they actually increase our unhappiness.

    Rather than worrying about your brother's karma, your brother over whom you have no control anyway need to be worrying about your own karma. THAT you have control over, if you wish to take control over it.

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