Best Buy Scam GiftCard Help?

I can't believe I fell for it!

I put my only email address into the text I got this morning from a fake Best Buy text thing. I have been getting them a lot lately before... I kept on thinking Metro PCS was doing there like they do with the phone ads I sometimes get but now that I know it's a scam... I'm worry here.

What can I do to block them from getting those scam mails?

Will blocking and reporting do anything to stop them? I really don't want to lose this account! I like it!

Is it possible for them to take my email away too?

Please help me! :(

2 Answers

  • 8 years ago
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    You are just going to get a LOT more spam now.

    If you really like your e-address, learn about setting spam options, blacklists and filters!

  • No your just going to keep getting spam. You can open the e-mail and scroll to the bottom and remove yourself from the mailing list/unsubscribe.

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