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Should I leave school?

I was accepted into one of the most prestigious boarding schools in the country, called Exeter. My parents are breaking their butts trying to pay for the 50,000$ tuition. They are so, incredibly proud of me, and they feel like I'm an honor to the family.

I'm taught by some of the best professors in the world, and I know brilliant people from all around the world, but I want to leave.

I loathe it here. I am so depressed and unhappy. The people are kind yet in a way unaccepting, and my suspicious are because I am black (not exactly racism... Just people prefer to be around whites if they are white, I think). I've actualyl thought about suicide since I've gotten here. I'm actually a pretty smart girl, but I feel so incredibly stupid here. I feel so fragile all the time; anytime any time anyone tries to say anything to me, I want to break down into tears. If it's something negative, I want to cry because I just feel so stupid and worthless. If it's something positive it's because I feel so grateful that someone would say something good to me, even if I'm just a piece of crap. I have so few friends, and they're more like acquaintances. Everyone is also so physically beautiful. Like I feel like a gargoyle in a crowd of Aphrodites. I eat very rarely because I don't want people to judge what I"m eatin

The thing is though, as much as I hate being here I have to stay. The opportunities this school will give me... They are literally endless. I'm guaranteed into whatever university I want, whatever future I want. Guaranteed. And my parents are in so much debt trying to pay this tuition.... And they're SO SO proud of me.... By leaving I'd just be turning around and stabbing them in the back.

What should I do?

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    Speak to a trusted teacher or counsellor about our trouble settling in. Its normal to feel a bit angsty at your age never mind with a big change like boarding school, work your bum off and be friendly to everyone so they no your smart and looking for a friend. Once you've settled in it'll get better. Get your life back in order, remember how lucky you are but if the pressure becomes to much ask if you can have a few weeks at home to try and get back in control.

  • I say go.

    1. Makes your parents happy.

    2. Easier in the future.

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    Who wouldnt go. Right now I am stuck trying to apply to loomis and chaffe when you have like the best private school in the US

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    Well you shld talk 2 a counsler and get into school activites

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