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Need some help from a fellow Jehovahs Witness please...?

Not sure if its a question or im looking for encouragement but I feel like im about to lose it.

Issues with the father of my kids and dealing with him and his wife. They have these random moments of wanting to get the kids, like today, and i declined. I feel like im in the wrong for not allowing my kids time with them while he has the time to spend, but i dont want their father to continue to think we are here and available when ever he sees fit.....I want to handle this in the best possible way..but im pretty pissed off right now. Very hard to show a Christ like attitude with him but im trying...i dont know..just need some sort of feed back.

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    looks like you need to get some encouragement - not sure yahoo answers should be your first port of call.

    Your post isn't very clear - don't you have any sisters you can pick up the phone and let of steam to? no girlfriends/aunties/spiritual mentors/grammas??!

    In any case, you know you can sit down with Jehovah and explain the problem and ask him for the wisdom to act in a Christlike manner no matter what.

    There's some nice online support at

    but real life encouragement is always best.

    Chin up!


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    Pray, pray and then pray again. Keeping a Christ like mind is not easy. Have you had your 2 day Assembly yet? If so, or even if you have not, go over any notes you've taken at any Assembly or Convention. I don't care if they don't have a thing to do with the problem you are having, what reading them will do is calm you down so you can really think. Ask Jehovah for Holy Spirit so you can relax.

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    I think this is more of a legal issue rather than a religious / spiritual one. I am assuming that you are divorced since you refer to "him and his wife". What do your divorce papers state in regards to the children? Do you have sole custody and he has visitation rights? If he is entitled to visitations with the children, they should be designated in your divorce decree what days of the week or specific Holidays. I would pursue this matter with an attorney to have it made into a designated visitation schedule. As a result, you will be able to end your angst over when he may contact you and request visits with the children rather than catering to his schedule.

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    Put yourself in his shoes!

    Try to think how you would feel if he

    had the custody of your children.

    If he's being wildly out of control;

    fair enough!

    But if he's just asking for extra time

    and you dont give it. Is that being reasonable?

    How will the kids think when they find out the

    full situation.

    If he refused completely to have anything to do

    with them financially and as father would you not

    be whinging also about that?

    Dont give the kids any reason to hate you later in life!

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