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this is obama's top 50 accomplishments? i thought he didn't do anything?

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    :) nice recap.. Get the word out, everywhere.

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    Is that all??? Here's the Top 1 HUNDRED:

    1. Exec Order on no-bid government contracting to fight waste and

    2. Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, protect against pay discrimination for women/others

    3. NATO + other allies/partners strategic

    4. End the war in

    5. Funding families fallen

    6. Ended media blackout on war casualties and the return of fallen

    7. American Recovery & Reinvestment

    8. tracks spending from the Recovery Act, an unprecedented step to provide transparency and accountability through

    9. Making Home Affordable refinancing:

    10. $15B boost lending to small

    11. Invested heavily in education for jobs & long-term

    12. Dept Veterans Affairs $1.4B to improve services to America’s

    13. Exec Order establishing White House Office of Urban

    14. Limited lobbyist's access to the White

    15.Pres Memo restore scientific integrity in government

    16. Answered questions at the first online town hall from the White House submitted and voted on transparently by the public at

    17. Established a central portal for Americans to find service

    18. Launched – enabling conversation and online collaboration between small business owners, government reps, industry experts discussion forums

    19. Appointed the first ever Federal Chief Information Officer to provide management and oversight over federal IT

    20. Children’s Health Insurance Reauthorization Act -2/4/09, provides quality health care to 11M kids – 4 million who were previously

    21. Exec Order repealing Bush-Era restrictions on embryonic stem cell

    22. Christopher/Dana Reeve Paralysis Act, comprehensive legislation aimed at improving the lives of Americans living with

    23. Joint Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record for US Armed Forces to improve quality of medical

    24. Ended stop-loss policy keeping soldiers in Iraq/Afghanistan longer than enlistment:

    25. Phasing out F-22 war plane & outdated weapons

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    Congratulations, you have successfully ignored the intent of the criticism against Obama by simply parsing words. The real problem is that his "accomplishment" generally were not good ones. I could come up with list of accomplishments for anyone. Those who are simply looking for an excuse to credit Obama for something will stop there. Those that want to find political truth and not stop at what simply gives their political egos a warm fuzzy will look past the bullet point count and look at the SUBSTANCE of the points. You are not doing that.

    Let's just look at a few of these:

    Obamacare has been one of the biggest, most controversial programs ever passed (forced through) by government. If was pass by unethical procedural means (ones that Dems screamed that Republicans should not do just a few years earlier) and required nothing less than HUGE bribes. It quickly showed itself to be way more expensive than advertised and it hasn't even started to pay out it's big benefits yet. It is bloated, bureaucratic and wasteful. Doctors are dropping out due to it. Businesses are dropping it and taking the fine rather than be saddled with it. All this will force the government to eventually ration care, just like other countries where the failed side of government health care has been shown.

    Stimulus - What part of the failure of Stimulus don't you get?!! It didn't accomplish ANYTHING! Staving off a depression is BS! If anything stabilized the economy to prevent this, it was TARP, all that happening before Obama took office. Stimulus was supposed to keep unemployment under 8%. It did not. Obama flawed political philosophy told him that spending, any kind of spending, helps the economy. This "being so", he spent on his wish list of stuff, along with a few things to appease Republicans. It all failed. It propped up unsustainable jobs at a cost of 500,000 each. The "green" initiatives have gone bankrupt or have not worked out as planned (Chevy Volt). Giving credit for stopping job loss is despicable. It take credit for BUSINESS itself doing what it needed to in shedding jobs to level out and stabilize.

    Wall Street Reform - THIS is the Sword of Damocles that has been placed over the heads of business. THIS is why, when the recession ending in July 2009, the jobs have not recovered. They are scared to death to expand (creating jobs) in this environment, wondering what regulatory dagger will stab them in the back! It is a machine-gun of regulatory red-tape. Dodd-Frank will continue to spew out this stuff for years to come, literally. EPA over-zealous regulation is also a big contributor to the red-tape. This is how Liberals view business, fire-breathing dragons that must be confined or slain.

    Ended the War in Iraq - Yet another thing Obama takes credit for. The Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) in the last weeks of the Bush Administration set the timetable for withdrawal. Obama didn't end nothing, he just followed the time line he was not in control of. In fact, if he had his way, troops would still be there. The SOFA left open making a new one to extend troop presents. Leon Panetta made the pitch to the Iraqi government for this. Iraq wanted troops to be under the legal jurisdiction of Iraq. The US would not agree to this, so the original SOFA ended on it's own and "Obama brought the troops home".

    All I did was start down the list, imagine what I can point out to you on most of the rest. Analyze the rest of these points. You will discover how pathetic they are. Although there may be a few good things, the rest are Administrative common sense that is not noteworthy, half-truths or blown WAY out of proportion and context to make Obama simply look good.

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    Most have turned into disasters if you want to call them accomplishments in his agenda I'm sure there are people who will dispute these as accomplishments.

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    But he's black. How can blacks do anything?


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