Local news here in Copenhagen, Denmark reported that there is an increasing interest in mormonism?

because of Romney

What is your take on it?

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    8 years ago
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    Don't worry. Danes are intelligent people. They're just curious about a little none American religion.

  • 8 years ago

    I am guessing it is curiosity. To most Danes mormons usually means polite young men in suits, knocking on your door to spread the word, and who despite their politeness can be difficult to get rid of - and of course then there are programs like Sister Wives airing on TV. ;)

    So it's probably to be more informed about what mormonism actually is, unless the article states otherwise?

    Source(s): I'm Danish.
  • 8 years ago

    Probably just fascinated by the religion and want to know what is making this Romney man tick. Mormonism is kinda interesting, it has magic pants and everything.......

    Source(s): Atheist
  • 8 years ago

    Is it so incredible? Many people probably don't even know what Mormonism is so of course it will have more converts if it has a higher profile.

    People, especially journalists, tend to judge the legitimacy of ideas by how much power the people holding them have. So therefore ideas held by powerful people will appear to be more reasonable than they are.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    That is probably the most interesting thing that has ever happened to Copenhagen.

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  • nivens
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    4 years ago

    definite, he has a deal interior the bag: See excerpt decrease than and link. (get waiting for cap n commerce) i think of there is probable some magnitude to this determination, for Obama to look on the tail end of Copenhagen. until eventually now, the Obama administration had defined a plan that could enable him sidestep blame if issues went south: he replaced into going to reach early, leave early, and despite occurred at Copenhagen might stay at Copenhagen. surely, it wouldn’t be Obama’s fault, regardless of result. yet this variation of plans, which might placed President Obama in Copenhagen on the final day of the convention, adjustments the sport. It skill that a “deal” is already interior the bag, and Obama’s anticipating that he’ll get to bask interior the glow of a clean international contract, flagrantly repudiating the location of the Bush administration in previous climate negotiations. Given the fiasco over getting the Olympic video games for Illinois, there’s little hazard that Obama’s advisors might possibility letting him look impotent on the international degree for a 2d time. with the purpose to me, this communicate skill that the top results of Copenhagen has been predetermined in accordance to the first script: a million) human beings communicate up expectancies for a COP assembly; 2) human beings communicate down expectancies for a COP assembly; 3) plenty is made approximately positions that could’t be resolved; 4) the potential of failure is floated and annoying approximately; 5) action picture star Megafauna fly in (with a brilliant greenhouse-gas footprint) to maintain the day (see additionally, Al Gore); 6) A face-saving assertion is launched suggesting that the international’s management has (after heroically prolonged, perplexing negotiations) agreed on the magnitude of increasing government with the intention to make certain the climate disaster, regardless of despite if the contract might surely do something approximately climate replace, and regardless of despite if or not you suspect that climate replace is a looming disaster for humanity; and seven) all of them comply with meet in yet another luxury and unique venue to proceed discussions. The date replace shows the top results of Copenhagen is already desperate. something is possibly Kabuki theater. playstation : i in my opinion enjoyed the :"have at its", thank you.

  • 8 years ago

    Shine on, you crazy mormons.

    Source(s): Trevor Moore
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