I hate my girlfriends guy friends?

I'll try to make this as clear as possible.

I've recently had a thing with this girl and we are getting serious. We aren't official yet, but it's coming.

She hangs out with a group of guys that smoke weed and treat her disrespectfully. She says that they are just friends and shes known them since middle school. We are both juniors in high school.

I just moved to the area, and I do realize alot of the area does smoke and drink. The thing is, is that she still wants to hangout with those friends even though I've told her I'm concerned. She swears she's never smoke and never will, and I need to trust her. She also says she knows what shes doing.

I've met some of them and most of them are douche-bag skater-like guys.

Should I just accept the fact that those are her friends and she is just gonna be around them, or should I try to drive her away from them? Is how she's acting being logical? I care about her a lot and I don't want her getting in bad situations.

Once, she said, one of the guys she hangs out with (her EX too), took her to the woods and tried to force her to give him a *******. She tried to run and he grabbed her. Eventually she did get away and avoided it, but in all honestly, I'm afraid. A bunch of high/drunk dudes around her is not what I want.

Help? :/

- Concerned (soon-to-be) Boyfriend

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    One nearly raped her and she still doesn't see how dangerous the situation could be? What if he had an accomplice or wasn't high/drunk? Unfortunately if that doesn't get her to realize.. talking to her won't. the more you protest the more she's going to say she can handle it and drive her farther from you and closer to them. You don't have to be okay with it. You can try to be there with her or have someone there you can really trust join her when she meets up with these douche bags. And it's not like you can drive them away. You can try, but it won't end well. A better idea would be to help her find better friends. Not tell her you're doing this.. just introduce her to people that are less shady.

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