What is a really fast way to level up in Kingdom Hearts (the first one)?

I'm on level 63 so far and I'm at the end but I want to get even higher so the ending would be easier.

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    8 years ago
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    Level up around Hollow Bastion (if you have that world available), or in any of the ones that have a high Difficulty Level. I recommend trying to go around Atlantica, Agrabah, Halloween Town, Never Land, and Hollow Bastion a few times (whichever ones go from least difficulty to the most, but go in that order from least to highest). If anything, what really helps when it gets boring is to look for any of those synthesize items that is required for the Moogles. As you look up the items and where to find them, it helps you level up too because you need to fight enemies to receive those items. And, if you want to receive the Final Item (the Ultima Keyblade), this is the best win-win situation for you. Trust me, you'll be searching around A LOT to find those specific items.

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