Why does my Internet Terminal work only with one PC?

So here's the story, I recently got a new PC , and i tried connecting it to the internet using a second LAN port my Internet terminal has (4 in total) however it failed to work, i tried using the first one and it worked, but the rest of them wont.

Long story short, how can i use the rest of my LAN ports?

Terminal is Huawei Echolife HG8242 with four LAN entries (LAN1-Lan4)



Colnic ,so i need a router? is there no way around it?

if so then why did it bother with more LAN entries?

Anyway if that's the only way then i'll get a router.

Thanks in advance for the info.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    There should be no difference. But looking at the specification this is only a terminal for the connection NOT a router. So it is only a network switch which has no routing knowledge. So you will need to connect a router to one of the LAN ports if you want to use more than one machine on the connection. Then only connect machines to the router. Connect nothing but the router to the terminal.

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