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Is my hedgie just nervous?

I just got a 5 month old hedgehog named Chi 4 days ago. I've read a lot about hedgehogs and so I know what to expect around them.. but Chi bites.. I'll let her run around on my desk and I'll be using my mouse and she'll bite my finger.. She'll bite my hand if I pick her up too... I read it might be because she thinks i'm food.. and I had been feeding her mealworms but hadn't washed my hands. But even today when I used hand sanitizer she still bites. She's getting more comfortable with sounds and her surroundings, and me picking her up a bit but I just don't want her to turn into this grumpy little girl :(

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    It sounds like the first five months of her life might not have been the best, and you'll have your work cut out for you to earn her trust.

    This is my formula for bonding with your hedgehog and letting it learn to trust you. I've used it to overcome the bad experiences of hedgehogs I've rescued from rather bad situations.

    Every night, without fail, and at the same time each night (hedgehogs adore routine and being able to predict what's going to happen next), take your hedgehog out of her cage. Offer her a few mealworms, and then offer her someplace to hide, such as a snuggle bag (easily sewn from fleece). Hold your hedgehog for at least an hour afterwards, while you do something quiet, as hedgehogs dislike loud noises and commotion and hoopla. After cuddle time, clean her cage and give her fresh food and water, and clean her wheel. Do this close to your own bedtime as many hedgehogs won't come out to eat until the lights are off.

    In the morning check on your hedgehog as well after you wake up to make sure nothing bad has happened overnight (accidents happen, and you want to know as soon as possible). This is also a good time to weigh your hedgehog with a cheap kitchen scale (in grams for more precision), as keeping a weight log is an excellent way to track your hedgehog's overall health.

    Please join the forums listed in my sources to get the best hedgehog advice from experienced owners.

    Source(s): For the best hedgehog care information, please visit the International Hedgehog Association (http://www.hedgehogclub.com)/ and the Michigan Hedgehog Owners Group (http://www.mihog.org),/ and consider joining the forums at Hedgehog Central (http://www.hedgehogcentral.com/forums) and/or Chins-n-Hedgies (http://chins-n-hedgies.com/forums).
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    I also have a hedgie and have not encountered this problem yet. It sounds like whoever you got her from taught her (maybe inadvertantly) that biting is ok.

    I have heard that you can blow in their faces when they bite and it doesn't scare them but does startle them and teach them that it is not ok to bite.

    Another breeder's site recommended loudly saying 'NO.' for the same reason as loud noises startle them.

    Source(s): LOTS of research!
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