My 3yr old son has been getting red bumps?? please help need advice or what it could be?

For about two months now my son has red spots only on his hips, butt, arms, legs and stomach usually it will be about 5 in each area or just 1 or 2. I brought him to the doctor and they said it is mosquitos bites but i dont think it is i have been using the cream they told me to put on him and they do go away in about a week to two weeks. He also itches them as well but doesnt complain about no pain. We have one cat and he does go to daycare but daycare said that the kids at her place have nothing. We have also steamed his room only for maybe bedbugs and washed everything in their as well an we still notice these marks all over his body. Me and my husband hasnt noticed anything on our body just his. We have been washing the cat and i havent seen anything on her plus i use medications. Does anyone might have an idea or maybe other things we can look into or advice or even a list of options on what it might be.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Well kids get spots a lot of times,and if you've already seen a doctor,the only things you can do is wait it out.Just recently my son started a new daycare,and after about two weeks he started getting all these red bumps on his face,arms,and even his head.I felt really worried and I know other people probably thought something was wrong with him.They weren't really itchy to him,so I didn't think it was chicken pox.I then realized that it was probably mosquito bites,and I was in the process of moving him to a new and better daycare because I didn't really like that one and either did he.His new daycare doesn't have a bunch of trees around the playground and all the bumps went away soon after he started,and now they're all gone.

    You also said her place.I'm assuming that you are taking him to an in home daycare.This is something I would change if I were you,because it could be something in her home.I wouldn't take my child to an in home daycare,because I personally think that public daycares are more professional,cleaner(depending on the daycare),and more secure.I think you should get a second opinion on those bumps though because they are on his butt and hip.If it is mosquito bites,how would they get on his butt?One time I read a story about a woman who ran a daycare and her husband ended up molesting some of the kids there.At least with public daycare's,you know the only people hanging around your kids will be other kids and professional daycare workers.p.s I've heard that public daycare's don't cost much more than in home daycare's.On the other hand it might be an alergic reaction to something.You should get him tested for allergies.

  • 4 years ago

    so what you're asserting is you will end loving your son if he keeps bugging you? provide him up for adoption - you're patently no longer decrease out for parenting. in case you won't have the capacity to stand by using your son ****no remember what***, then he needs somebody who will. you're whining approximately him bugging you to envision his poop - what is going to you do while he develops a psychological disease and you may desire to stay wide awake monitoring him for 3 days right away to end him from taking a bread knife to his face and hands? what is going to you do while the telephone jewelry at 2am and it is the mummy and dad that have been *meant* to be supervising the social gathering he's attending and not basically did they permit him get inebriated yet now they have misplaced him? and what approximately while the cops telephone you 3 minutes later asking in case you have a son by using this description that became into picked up out of a ditch at -17C and could desire to you please come and sign papers so he could nicely be dealt with for extreme hypothermia and frostbite? and what approximately while the college calls you the 0.33 time this week to come lower back %. him up because of the fact he's hiding interior the bathing room crying and could no longer pop out? "motherly instinct" - no longer basically do you no longer be responsive to the definition of the term, you do no longer even have one.

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