Could I Be Pregnant ?

My story,

Im 14. Me and my bestfriend had sex, and ended up falling for eachother, and we've had sex more then once.. he's never cumed inside me usless he wore a condom, and when he didnt wear a condom he "pulled out".but now i know that theres a chance precum got inside of me.. Its been going on for 2 months.. 2 days ago i did a pregnancy test and it came back Negative, but im not sure cause ive been having pregnancy symptoms..

My symptoms:

-Lower stomach/abdomen & back cramps for 1-2 weeks

-Nausea, but dont throw up

-I've been pooping alot?

-White discharge everyday for over a week

-I feel bloated, for about 1-2 weeks

-Recently ive had some breast pain towards the top of my boob and nipple/areola area

-Hot flashes (off and on)

-Tired alot lately..

Tell me what you think? & I know im young, and stupid.. and im not gonna say I love him as an excuse for having sex.. I know what i did is wrong at such a young age but i take responsibility..

2 Answers

  • 8 years ago

    Yes You could be . I think you should try another ept test .

    The pull out method is not good or safe and usually don't work well.

    You take the test again please . From now on use condoms or get on birth control .

    Best wishes ........

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    It's not c-mmed. It's just c-m.

    And no you're pregnant if he never finished inside of you.

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