What should I talk about in online okcupid profile?

It's a dating/meet people site. Should I just talk about what I'm into?

Which is lately kind of movies, video games, music, concerts, internet, weed, conversation, etc........

I'm not looking to 'formally' date so im not looking to write a whole romantic thing lol.

Curious what people think.



I could also talk about a job im working to which is filming weddings and learning videography.

I could also save that for conversation tho but maybe it makes it sound like im not lazy or something

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  • 8 years ago
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    Yep just say what you're interested in. Sounds good.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Make a couple short lists:

    Favorite things about yourself

    Things about you that tend to attract others

    Things you like most in partners

    Describe your ideal partner

    Then use those lists to craft a profile to attract the kind of person you want. Don't just turn those lists into sentences, but use them to direct you on how to write. For example. If people are attracted to your sense of humor, then you could write "I like making people laugh." I got these ideas from articles I found around the internet, and if you want to spend some time learning how to craft a great profile, I'd suggest doing the same.

    Source(s): Articles about writing dating profiles
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