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What exactly do Pinewood Studios do?

I am writing an assessment in creative and media and i am getting confused as to what Pinewood Studios actually does. At first i thought it was like the American Warner Brothers, that it bought a script or a book series etc. to make a film, producing and distributing the film. First of all please correct me if i am wrong. And what does Pinewood Studios exactly do? Also what is it's association with BFI?

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    Pinewood studios make films. That was easy. Ever heard of James Bond? those filmes are made at Pinwoods, in the present film, Bond is in an underground station, but they recreated the station at pinewoods, a it would be impossible to do it at a real station.

    Many scenes inside buildings are done in studios, as they are proably going to be blown up

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    It's what Pinewood Studios have to offer. They have some of the largest studios in the business, although there's more competition as time goes by. Leavesden Studios, where they shot the Harry Potter movies, are huge too. It depends on what a producer wants.

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