What does BLI stands out for(in My Chemical Romance videos)?

When you watch the Sing video there's those guys, the enemies or something and they're called BLI.

McR made a cartoon about it and they put oon T-shirts and stuff.

What does it mean?


Hey Ken,

so what does Mcr have to do with it,I mean is it like their supporting or promoting better living industries???I don't know.THe web site was kinda creepy.Was it made by them or it has nothing to do with them?Lots of questions sorry.......

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    8 years ago
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    BLI (or BL/ind) stands for Better Living Industries. In the killjoy world of 2019, Better Living Industries are a company that wants to control mankind, including their emotions. You can learn more about the company on their pretend website (first link).

    More is likely to be explained about the company in the Killjoy comic which is coming out next year (issue one out in June, but we get to see some of it on free comic book day - May 4th - see second link).

    Edit so I can answer your questions:

    MCR's fourth album ("Danger Days...") is based around the story of four rebels (Killjoys) in the year 2019. In the story, there were fires and wars which led to a post-apocalyptic state of existence. Better Living Industries run Battery City and wish to control everybody's emotions, but some people rebel against that idea - these are known as Killjoys. Better Living Industries does not actually exist, it is just a fictional company from this story (if you re-watch the Na Na Na and SING videos, you will see the storyline). MCR (or the killjoys in this story) are rebelling against BLI. The website was made by MCR just to make the story seem more real. There will be a comic book of this story next year, which will explain the story in my depth :)

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