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What the heck is an 'Impure thought"? and did God set us all up to fail because he really ..?

doesn't like us anyway and wants to see us all in the fiery pits of eternal hell?

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    its the kind of thoughts that run through my grandmothers head. She is a strict jw. nazi like. i can remember her watching me hug my son who was only 2 years old..and telling me, to quit hugging my son in public because people will be thinking something else of it.

    wicked demonic thoughts if you ask me.

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    An impure thought is one of unholiness. But Jehovah does not set us up. It is all something we do to ourselves and what Satan and Adam did to us. Read over James 1 verses 13 through 15. We have to push those thoughts out of our head when they come up. We are imperfect. So God does not expect true perfection out of us. But we have to try our best. It is a relative perfection He requires from us. One in which we do our best and let Jesus Christ's perfect sacrifice do the rest (Hebrews 10:14).

  • a impure thought would be a thought of violence or a thought of lust towards someone whom you are not married to.

    God did not set us up to fail, He gives us everything we need to obey his commands, but we have ALL failed Him by not doing so. This does not mean that we are all going to hell... It means that we have to understand and admit that we are sinful, and ask Christ for forgiveness of our sins through his death on the cross. This is all that is needed to be saved from eternal hell, Once we understand what Christ has done for us, then we desire to live a life devoted to God to show our thankfulness.

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    It's a thought that's immoral and leads to sin such as hatred, jealousy, lust, resentment etc

    God knew that we would never be able to reach His standard of holiness in our own human strength because we are so hopelessly depraved and inclined to sin. We were doomed to burn in hell from the start, that's why He sent Jesus Christ to die for our sins so that if we repent we'll be made acceptable to God as He wipes away our sins (because Jesus already paid the penalty for them).

    Even when we come to believe we still fall into sin (and we always will as long as we remain in the flesh) but those who are born of God (born again) are increasingly being renewed (Daniel 12:10, 2Corinthians 4:16, Hebrews 10:14) and made holy through the Word of God and the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

    God does not expect us to be perfect, He knows that we can't (He created us after all), He simply wants us to believe in Jesus Christ and follow Him

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    In Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), an "impure thought" is usually one of hatred, or lust, or blasphemy. Masturbation is often prohibited based on this.

    In Zoroastrianism and other Eastern religions, an "impure thought" is one of hatred, greed, or other malice.

    Source(s): Being a former Christian, being a former Zoroastrian
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    She didn't set us up to fail on 'impure thoughts'; that's just a bible thing.

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    no you just got to get some discipline and not be a douche to people

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