Should I get a BSN first?

I just turned 19 and my main goal is to become an OB/GYN. Long story short, after five years and six different high schools, I decided to get my GED. I took it hard because none of my siblings graduated high school and I wanted a better future for myself. I also wanted to make my mother proud and I felt like I had let her down. I've learned these last couple of years that the past cannot be changed and that we can only learn from it, so I stayed positive.

I started taking courses this semester at my local community college. I plan to transfer to a four year university to major in biology. However, I've thought about majoring in nursing then taking extra courses in order to meet medical school prerequisites. I am aware that it will take a bit longer, but I would like take have a career that I would enjoy, just in case I don't get to medical school and it would also be great if I could work myself through medical school if I do get accepted. Any thoughts or advice? Thanks :)


Rob, thanks for taking the time to answer my question, but it actually is possible to transfer and get into a four year university without getting an associates degree. In order to transfer to the university I'm looking into, all you need is 30 transferable semester credit hours or 45 quarter hours.

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    Stay on course to major in biology. Do not be distracted by nursing courses. At community college, ask your adviser to tell you what courses to take there to qualify eventually to apply to med school or to grad school in biology. If you don't get into med school, you will have another career. Also, med school admission committees will like it that you could have done biology, but you chose medicine.

    So take big-kids' biology, general and organic chemistry, and any physics or math in community college, plus English composition and foreign language. If you can.

    You cannot work your way through med school as an RN. Each is a mutually exclusive, full-time activity.

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    Med schools frown upon people who take your prerequisites at a CC. It's hard to give you feedback because you didn't graduate high school so it's hard to tell what kind o student you are. Getting a BSN takes a lot of time and effort and I wouldn't recommend it to someone if it's not what they really wanted to do. Also, you won't have the time or energy to work during med school.

    One option to consider is major in something you will excell at and at the same time fulfill your med school and Nursing prerequisites. To get into Medical school you can major in anything you want as long as you complete the pre med classes. Anyway, if you find you can't get into med school but your GPA is 3.5 or better, you can consider applying to an accelerated BSN program after you graduate college.

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    Nursing school is a waste of time if you are planning on becoming a doctor.Nursing has nothing to do with med school and would be a complete waste of time and money.Nursing school is for people who want to be nurses.

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    with just a GED, until you finish the requirements of an associates degree it won't matter as you won't be admitted to a university without one.

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