Can my bf movie in with me if he is sixteen if his dad threatened to kick him out anyway and he hits him?help!?

Hi, i need help. My boyfriend is in trouble and i feel if i don't get him help he is really going to get hurt. i've been with him for a few months now. His dad has been physically, mentally, and emotionally abusing him. he tells him how bad he is at football and calls him a piece of **** loser. he goes to a private school and his father tells him he'll stop paying for it, he tells him he is going to kick him out all the time but never does. he wants to move in with me but he doesn't know if legallly he can. he doesnt want to be put into foster care because i will never see him. please help me, i'm so desperate for his safety! :,( also, i am pregnant with his child...please help me.

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  • 8 years ago

    You need to talk to a school concellor right away who can tell you what help is available for you in your community. Your BF will have to worry about himself. Do not under any circumstances allow him to move in with you or else you will live to regret it. He is not your responsibility. The baby, however, will be his responsibility, at least financially. Like I said, talk to a school concellor immediately and lay out the whole story.

    You both have a lot of growing up to do.

  • 8 years ago

    depends what movie it is.

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