My husband receives Disability Benefits...?

His Disability issues came on rather suddenly a few years ago, and we went from living moderately well to him being wrongfully terminated. We had a brand new baby and and 2 other small children. We blasted through our savings faster than we could have imagined while trying to figure out what to do. We were advised by people he was working with who's job was to help him keep his job, to sue his company. It was a charitable organization, in the end we did not pursue a lawsuit. Not having a choice, we had to move 1000 miles away and live in my parents basement. I started working immediately and it took months for him to receive benefits. By that time I was promoted. We used the benefits ad my low paying job in retail to buy a home for cheap in the village (literally!) that my parents live in. We had to do a lot of finagling but the mortgage payment is the cheapest we have ever paid to live. I was promoted again and that had caused us to lose Medicaid which pays for most of his many, many medications. I had to whittle down my hours to about 15 hours a week in order to get medicaid back because his meds, childcare, and gas (meds alone, really) were way more than I was making. Leaving the village to get to where the work is, takes about 25 minutes. Now we are just stuck in a spot where I can't work and pay for childcare without losing his Medicaid (I am not eligible for Medicaid, so I have no insurance) and we do not make enough to cover a month. I am making a little from home and trying to come up with ideas, but this is just a backwards situation. Is there something I am missing? Why am I not allowed to make money without it making us drown?


The company he worked for is a very private one. When we had help from a third party to help with accommodating him to continue to work at the expense of the third party, his company agreed to keep him on for 3 months (in writing) while things were being worked out. They ended up letting him go 2 days later. Perhaps I could go back to school but we had to relocate to a small village in central Michigan. The majority of the jobs are factory or low paying retail. My mother has a factory job on and off, she get's laid off repeatedly. I am making a little bit on my own from home but am afraid to make more due to it costing us thousands in prescriptions. Even on the tightest budget, our money only seems to stretch 3/4 of the month. Thanks for your responses.

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    Because welfare is just that - welfare. There are limits on income and resources. If you can find a better paying job for a company which provides health insurance (and soon they will all be required to provide health insurance) where you can work full-time then you should do so. If you can only work part-time then perhaps you should consider taking classes to gain the skills needed to get yourself better paying jobs. Looks like you are going to have to be the breadwinner so you might just as well learn how to be a better one.

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    You don't mention how long ago he got on SSDI but after 24 months he's eligible for Medicare. That costs about $100 month right now but if he gets an advantage plan (many have no premiums now) he'll have coverage. With 3 kids he'll probably be eligible for the extra help program which will really help with drug copays. I went from $300 monthly to $40 a YEAR. And I pay nothing to see my GP.

    Your kids should at least be on chip. You then need to focus on finding full time work so you don't lose the house. Is your husband too disabled to mind even one of the kids? That would save on daycare. Check your county for help with childcare.

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    You have got to count your blessings. You have your husbands disability check, income, and a home. Some people who are extremely disabled do not get it so fast. Can your mom help out with the little ones? Perhaps a church can help with expenses until you are better off. Also, Try going back to school. If you do not have a degree yet. You may qualify for financial aid. Perhaps you can boffow money from a bank. Some RX companies offer drugs at a reduced cost. Walmart sells cheap RX drugs. They only charge 4 dollars for generic forms.

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    ok, that may not in any admire a "for all times" deal, if he starts off out getting it as a minor. If he's on eternal incapacity, from being disabled as a baby, many times it stops the 2d you get married. He can sue his mom for money she took from him, jointly as he wasn't a minor. meanwhile, he's going to could desire to reapply for SSDI coverage. And he could or won't qualify. If he qualifies, there is achievable it may desire to be retroactive. undergo in innovations, that may not "his" money to declare. that's MY money, that he's claiming. SSDI is in fact WELFARE, that he's taking from all us working human beings. and that i doubt he will have it continuously - SS is paying out plenty in reward, that's on the ingredient of implode. So he'd greater functional have a "plan B".

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