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I met a girl that I really like but she lives so far away. What should i do?

Ok so this weekend I visited my friend at his college (Purdue) and my last night there I met this girl. Long story short we were really into each other and we both were bummed that i had to leave the next day. We didn't have sex but i was ok with that, i was just happy to be with her. So i wont get into too much detail but now its been a couple days and i actually feel really sad that i may never see her again. If she lived closer I'd be in 'make-her-my-girlfriend' mode but i'm not sure if I'm going crazy. Ive sent her a couple texts but i dont want to overdo it.

Here's an interesting side-note though. During the night she mentioned that she's planning on moving to Denver after she graduates (about 6 months from now) and I told her that i've been planning on moving to Colorado as well. I'd be willing to wait until I see her in CO to try and start something but what will happen to that spark and how can i keep her interested until then. Am I crazy for wanting to date a girl i met at a bar once who lives so far away?

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    No! You're not crazy. Go for it, give it a shot, you have nothing to lose. Good luck!

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    Keep in contact with her, maybe ask her if she's on facebook, and try to build a friendship with her. Don't overdo it with texting, as long as she keeps responding then you're ok. Don't forget she's busy with school stuff, so stay calm if you don't hear back from her right away. You probably shouldn't tell her you'd be willing to wait for her after just meeting her, you don't want to scare her away.

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