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Can you soft reset one step before hatching a Pokemon to try and get a shiny?

I'm trying to get a shiny Pokemon, and I saved one step before hatching an egg. If I keep soft resetting, could it be shiny? Or will I always have the same non shiny Pokemon that hatches?


I am using the Masuda method.

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    no, but a Pokemon may hatch shiny if the egg is traded to another game

    Source(s): I got a surprise when a Dratini hatched pink on a different White version than the egg was originally obtained (I made sure the thing was female before sending the egg, it was normal the first time)
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    The masuda method won't matter for this.

    Anyways, Im not sure if you get a different egg each time you hatch. I think its predetermined when the old man gives it to you. Just put a magma in the front of your party to hatch them quicker. Then it won't take you so long. Or, just go to a pokemon shop like this one:

    Thats the one i prefer. He will breed anything you like, shiny or not, EVs, IVs, and moves. All for FREEEEEEEEE

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    No, shininess and everything else are determined as soon as the old man gives you the egg.

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